is2csa Photonics


The Courses schedule is given below for information.
Courses and conferences will take place in room 202, building 2A. Lab works will take place in rooms 120/121, building 2A.

8h30-9h 9h-9h30 9h30-10h 10h-10h30 10h30-11h 11h-11h30 11h30-12h 12h-12h30 12h30-13h 13h-13h30 13h30-14h 14h-14h30 14h30-15h 15h-15h30 15h30-16h 16h-16h30 16h30-17h 17h-17h30 17h30-18h
Monday 6 Welcome session Course A, sess. 1
Course B, sess. 1 Lunch Course A, sess. 2
Course B, session 2 Projects Pres.
Tuesday 7 Course B, session 3
Lab work 1 Lunch Conference 1
Lab work 1 (cont.) Project session 1
Wednesday 8 Course B, session 4
Lab work 2 Lunch Course A, sess. 3
Lab work 2 (cont.) Project session 2
Thursday 9 Course B, session 5
Lab work 3 Lunch Conference 2
Lab work 3 (cont.) Project session 3 W&C
Friday 10 Course B, session 6
Lab work 4 Lunch Course A, sess. 4
Lab work 4 (cont.) Project session 4
Saturday 11 Course B, session 7
Lab work 5 Lunch Course A, sess. 5
Lab work 5 (cont.) Project session 5
Sunday 12 Visit of Mont Saint-Michel
Monday 13 Course A, session 6
Lab work 6 Lunch Conference 3
Lab work 6 (cont.) Project session 6
Tuesday 14 French National Day : guided tour of Rennes, BBQ party, Firework
Wednesday15 Course B, session 8
Lab work 7 Lunch Conference 4
Lab work 7 (cont.) Project session 7
Thursday 16 Course B, session 9
Lab work 8 Lunch Course A, sess. 7
Lab work 8 (cont.) Project session 8 Crêperie
Friday 17 Project session 9 Lunch Projects exhibition 2 Closure sess.


Course A : mathematical modelling in guided optics (8h)
Course B : the finite elements method in optics (17h)

Conference 1 : A. Fernandez : Numerical simulation of an active mode-locked laser including a fibered ring cavity and a semiconductor optical amplifier
Conference 2 : P. Feron : Analysis of very high-Quality whispering-gallery-mode resonator
Conference 3 : A. Rahmouni : Introduction to Perfectly Matched Layers
Conference 4 : Y. Lafranche : Computer Implementation of the Finite Element Method : the example of MELINA++/ XLIFE++ Library
For details on conferences, see the dedicated page here

For details on social activities on Sunday July the 12th and Tuesday July the 14th, see the dedicated page here

For details on Lab works under Freefem++ and Comsol, see the dedicated page here

W&C : Wine and Cheese party
Crêperie : typical Breton restaurant